Obon co-chair: Bruce Whang

WOW! We did it! The Sangha of West Covina Buddhist Temple just experienced an epic Obon! On behalf of Merry Hiroshima (Jitosho) and myself, we would like to overwhelmingly give thanks to the various Obon Committee members for an awesome task, well executed! As always, everyone gives 110% + for one day of celebration. This year was well above expectations!

The dedication and effort of each member of the Sangha who participated in Obon is truly exemplary and should be applauded. Everyone knows his or her job and what needs to been done. Do I really need to be there?

As I walked around during Obon, it was very satisfying to see the young to the more mature, smiling and enjoying time with family and friends. I don’t think I even heard one crying child, or adult. Moreover, it was not just temple family members that attended Obon, but people from the community. People visiting with those friends not seen in a while, enjoying the festivities and each other’s company. Some were on the grassy area, others were engaged in bingo and eating excellent food in the social hall. But all seemed to be happy and content.

Obon: The celebration and honoring of those who have come before us, that have helped us to know and develop our ways of thinking and living.

We have done something to be proud of!

To the members and family of the West Covina Buddhist Temple Sangha and volunteers that made our Obon so successful, a heartfelt THANK YOU!