One World Toys

I just watched a story on the news about a toy store in New York City ("New York City?!!") called "One World Toys," which is dedicated to carrying toys that are specifically multi-ethnic. For example, they carry many dolls as most toy stores do, but their dolls are different. Their doll sets are ethnically mixed. For example, a hospital playset might have a Caucasian nurse, Black doctor, Asian patient, etc.

There was a interview with a customer in the store who said she has already noticed certain positive effects in her young daughter since she has been playing with these "rainbow sets," as they are called. The mom said her daughter now knows that "people come in all colors."

Obviously, as the far news goes, this was one of those all-too-rare "good news" stories. But more than that, it had a kind of positive effect on me. I appreciate that there are people, though not "officially" Buddhist, who are nonetheless committed to the Buddhist teaching of "right livelihood," to try to make one's living doing something positive for humanity. In this case, One World Toys is actively sowing the seeds for racial understanding and tolerance in our youth, and helping to bring us together.

-Peter Hata

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