Buddhism For Today

The following are a few selected quotes that seem to pertain to the controversy surrounding recent events in the news. Sometimes our initial "judgements" of people and events in the news may be shortsighted; that there are other ways of seeing things.

"It is easy to see others, to see society out there, to have opinions, and to criticize. We claim to know ourselves even better. But can we really say we know ourselves? Today we use the Dharma as a mirror to reflect our true selves, to make a firm committment today to accept the challenge...that cannot wait for tomorrow...to focus on that deep wish we have inside of us and discover anew the true self." Bishop Sato, Dobo Retreat program opening, October 6, 1991.

"What is happening? Do people really need someone to hate? It sounds so simple and it sounds so silly. If your sink doesn't work, can you hate or fear your neighbor because his sink works? Should you beat him up? Or, just fix your sink?" Christine O'Connell, Living Dharma, June '92 GATEWAY.

"...the Buddhist view of the LA Riots is that all of this blame placing is irrelevant - it doesn't matter at all whose "fault" it is. What matters is what are you doing?" Rev. Nori Ito, Tanjoe Service at WCBT, May, 1992.

"...I approached all of my interactions and communication with others by asking myself one question: how would I feel if I were that person? 'Putting yourself in the other person's shoes,' is an old cliché, but it works. Whether it is with family, friends, or in business, it has always helped me to gain the respect of others, and thus build positive relationships." Carl Aoki, Living Dharma, November '92 GATEWAY

"This is a world in which all things are complete and perfect because both life and death exist. Who can say that such-and-such a life should not be? Who can say that such-and-such a death should not be? Both life and death already exist...Both life and death, just as they are, form a world in which all things are complete and perfect...If this world had only one sort of life, or only one sort of death, it would not be interesting. Because it has various kinds of lives and deaths, it is rich, colorful, and gorgeous. It has good, evil, beauty, ugliness, truth, and falsehood. These things are endlessly changing into other things. What a great entertainer, spontaneous and ever fresh, this world is!" From the book Heard By Me, by Shuichi Maida

"Let us cease from wrath, and refrain from angry looks. Nor let us be resentful when others differ from us. For all people have hearts, and each heart has its own leanings. Their right is our wrong, and our right is their wrong. We are not unquestionably sages, nor are they unquestionably fools. Both of us are simply ordinary persons. How can anybody lay down a rule by which to distinguish right from wrong? For we are all, one with another, wise and foolish, like a ring which has no end." By Prince Shotoku (WCBT's service book)

"Buddhism is either for everyone, or it is worthless." Dr. Nobuo Haneda, February '92 GATEWAY.

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