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About WCBT's Youth Groups:
The Jr. YBA are high-school aged students who participate in many interesting and exciting events, the highlight of which are the district-wide seminars at which hundreds of juniors stay overnight at southland hotels for a lecture on Buddhism and a banquet/dance.
The Sangha Teens are middle-school aged and receive age-specific lessons on Buddhism, and participate together in fun recreational activities like visits to amusement parks, miniature golf, bowling, etc.
The Dharma School are elementary school aged students, and often enjoy unique arts and crafts projects, as well as learning about the teachings of Buddhism.

Youth Group Events & Writings:
2012 Youth Hoshidan Tour of Kyoto and Okinawa
Read these wonderful accounts of the eye and mind-opening adventures of WCBT's teens
Awakening the Student Within
MAPS 4 College, a youth organization based in Baldwin Park, CA, sponsored a highly successful weekend seminar designed to inspire and guide college-bound high school students.
The Lotus Band Tours Japan!
Here's a report on WCBT's teen Lotus Band's historic musical performances in Japan.
Dharma Schoolers Visit Local Retirement Home
The senior citizens of the Covina Villa Retirement Home really appreciated the Valentine's gifts and musical performances of WCBT's students!
Dharma School Students Make Thanksgiving Project
WCBT's Dharma Schoolers had fun making cinnamon-scented candlestick holders
Lotus @ Southern District Dharma School Teacher's Conference, 2002
Despite being shorthanded, Lotus gave a really strong performance!
Lotus Band Summer 2002 Update
The Lotus Band was actually "overbooked" in Summer 2002, but the band met all their committments with flying colors!
Lotus Band Performs at Cal Poly Pomona, May 2002
The Lotus Band really gave a great performance..and proved they belong on a real concert stage!
New York Art, 2002
WCBT's talented Dharma School Students created art in sympathy of our friends in New York City
Lotus Takes Their Show on the Road-Again!
At the Betsuin's Obon, Lotus again outdid themselves!
Lotus Band Reaches Milestone at the Obon Festival
The Obon festival is the biggest event of the year at WCBT, but the Lotus Band truly rose to the occasion and gave their best performance ever
Lotus Band Wows Center Crowd
At the Japanese Community Center's 50th Anniversary Banquet, WCBT's Lotus Band played an exciting and impressive set
You Are Here
Amy Sakaue shares her experiences at the 50th Annual WYBL Conference in Long Beach, California
Why Are You A Buddhist?
Jr. YBA student Keith Miyake reflects on a common question American Buddhist youths are asked.
WCBT's Lotus Band Gives Exciting Performance @ District Event
Lotus Advisor, Mr. Peter Hata, offers his (only slightly biased) review of the band's performance, and tells of his wonderful experience working with these neat young musicians.
Kevin Kawawata's Japan Trip Report
Young Kevin recently was interviewed about his fun trip to Japan
"Got Buddha?"
The Southern District's Annual Conference, held over Labor Day Weekend, was a tremendous success (note: this page includes a rather large panorama pic)
Juniors Demonstrate the Buddha's Teaching @ WCBT's 40th
Here's a shot of our current group of high school-aged members at the 40th Anniversary Party
Southern District Conference Pic
Here's a pic of WCBT's current Jr. YBA group
Pet Memorial Service
Rev. Kawawata reminds us that we can learn lessons from our pets (illustrated with pics from our Dharma School kids)
Junior YBA Conference
Juniors participated with many other temples in a recent conference
Sangha Teens visit the Upland Family Fun Center
The Teens had to brave the summer heat!
Sangha Teens Enter the T-Shirt Business!
WCBT's teens made custom shirts their Dads
Jrs. & Sangha Teens at Children's Day
In their never-ending quest for fund-raising money, the kids sold chicken teriyaki and somen at the annual festival in Little Tokyo
Kids Combined Pic Archive
Some classic pics of all our youth groups at a variety of activities! (may take 1-2 min. to load @ 28.8k)
WCBT Jr.YBA Events Calendar
This is separate site managed by WCBT teen Amy Sakaue.

For Kids:
Games & Puzzles:
Who Said That?: Bet you didn't know how much "Buddhism" there was in popular movies like The Empire Strikes Back, Karate Kid and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Buddhism for Kids: Past favorite sermons, seminar and conference lectures
A Bittersweet Event, by Craig Taguchi
The Eightfold Noble Path
What is Precious to Me (Response to Rev. Imai's sermon)
Buddhist Tales (illustrated)
Kid's Art, Poems, Music:
For Their Consideration, by Dean Hata
The Gray of a Wolf, by Sara Kuwahara
The 6 Paramitas
"Dana and the WWW" (in progress)
How Buddhism Can Help Me
(check out What is Buddhism):
Being a Buddhist in a Christian Society
(check out Common Misconceptions About Buddhism)
Buddhism and Our World:
How to Help Our Earth
Real World Buddhism
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