Southern District Jr. YBA Conference

WCBT's Junior YBA group recently participated in a conference that took place at both the New Otani Hotel in Los Angeles and at Orange County Buddhist Church. Many other juniors from a dozen or so other S. California temples (count the banners) also participated.

A panorama shot of the entire group (courtesy of WCBT member Keith Miyake)

Here is a blowup of a section of the panorama showing our WCBT members in the upper left corner (in white shirts)

WCBT's juniors (front row); Keith Miyake, Kimberly Kitaura, Sara Kawai, Erika Haraguchi, Pearl Omiya, Brian Takahashi, June Sakaue; (back row) Kendra Kagawa, Marc-Mitchell Miyashiro, Russell Martinez, Craig Taguchi, Mark Mayeda, Evan Okamura, Casey Hansen, Tiffany Katada