New York Art, 2002

WCBT's Dharma School Students Create Artwork for Fellow Buddhists in
New York City

At West Covina Buddhist Temple's first Sunday Service, 2002, we started off the year with a great showing of Dharma School students. This gave us the opportunity to finish a meaningful project of drawing cheerful pictures of friendship which will be sent to our Dharma friends in New York City, both to the Nishi and Higashi Temples. Fortunately, via our Living Dharma Website, we are able to share these wonderful drawings with all of you as well.

There were quite a few talented young artists participating and unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to scan all of their art. However the Dharma Schoolers represented here are Jessica Saucedo, Erik Okune, Cora Ormseth, Matthew Ormseth, Alyssa Arnheim, Michael Jitosho and Ryan Kawaguchi. They range in age from about 3 up to about 11 years old.

We thank our Dharma School students very much for their inspiring works of art. It is much appreciated!

Jessica Saucedo created this colorful image of New York City

Young Alyssa Arnheim sent her message of love.
Erik Okune's art featured a maritime theme

Cora Ormseth wished the New Yorkers a Happy and (patriotic) New Year!

Michael Jitosho's message reminded us of our interconnectedness.

Matthew Ormseth created this truly cosmic image.

Ryan Kawaguchi's art featured a smiling (and hip) Mr. Sun warming the earth with his life-giving light.

l-r; Jessica Saucedo, Matthew Ormseth, Cora Ormseth and Alyssa Arnheim let their creativity flow in Dharma School