WCBT's Lotus Band Performs at Gardena Buddhist Church
by Peter Hata

When Gardena Buddhist Church contacted West Covina Buddhist Temple's Lotus Band to see if they were interested in performing for the annual "Southern District Dharma School Teachers Conference" on October 12, 2002, the band wasn't sure if they could do the gig due to being shorthanded that day (missing two musicians). But perhaps due both to their enjoyment of performing and due to their growing confidence, the three who were available--guitarist Kevin Hata, singer Lindsay Ogino and guitarist Kyle Kagawa--all decided to go ahead and commit to the gig.

It turned out to be a really nice gig for them, as the Dharma School teachers at the conference really enjoyed hearing Lotus perform contemporary Buddhistic songs such as "Colors of the Wind" and "Time of Your Life." Lotus also debuted a new version of the Buddhist gatha, "How Sweetly The Lotus Grows." Finally, Lindsay sounded just great on pop tunes like "I'll Be" and "Never Had a Dream Come True." Guitarists Kevin and Kyle lent strong support as usual, with Kevin taking a melodic solo on "How Sweetly" and Kyle taking strong solos on "Time of Your Life" and "I'll Be."

After their performance, the band enjoyed meeting some of the teachers, who were very enthusiastic in their support of the music they had heard. One teacher in particular commented how proud and happy she was to see a group of young Buddhists who had come through the Dharma school "system" and were now performing positive music with a Buddhist meaning! Last but certainly not least, the band enjoyed a delicious lunch served by the Dharma school teachers.

The Lotus Band had a great time performing and sharing their music and making many new Dharma friends. Thanks so much to the warm support of Gardena Buddhist Church!

left to right, Kevin Hata, Lindsay Ogino and Kyle Kagawa performed a very strong version of "I'll Be" at Gardena Buddhist Church on October 12, 2002!

Kevin, Lindsay and Kyle pose after their successful Gardena Buddhist Church gig.

Lotus Band director Mr. Peter Hata (at left) poses with Lindsay, Kevin and Kyle during lunch served by the Gardena Buddhist Church Dharma School teachers.