WCBT Youths in Action

Here are some memorable pics from our photo archive!

(some) junior YBA members really get into our annual Halloween Party!

(above) Erica Haraguchi and Brian Takahashi; (below) WCBT's Dharma Schoolers

(left) Dean Hata; (right) Kristin Dubble and Brian-Jason Iwama

Juniors pose at a seminar at which they got a chance to "go ethnic"

This pic is from a seminar during the year that the Jr YBA group was at its largest!

(above) Sangha Teens together at a WCBT Service; (below) the Teens had a blast at Magic Mountain Amusement Park!

As far as rating the youth group experience at WCBT, Marc-Mitchell Miyashiro and Dina Mayeda pretty much "thumb it" up!