Kids Links!

Check out these links! If you have a link you'd like to share with others, please e-mail it to us.
Cool Environmental and Nature-Related Sites:
National Wildlife Foundation Kids Stuff
Ocean Planet Homepage
Exploratorium Home Page
The Weather Channel Kids
The NASA Homepage
Journey to Planet Earth
Saving Energy at Home
Fossweb for Kids
Students for the Environment (EPA)
More Great Kids Sites
Discovery Kids
Ology/American Museum of Natural History
Cassini Solstice Mission/JPL
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Zoom Activities/PBS Kids
Cyberkids Magazine
The Why Files/Science Behind the News
Knot Tying
Explain That Stuff!
Science Kids
Crayola * Crayola * Crayola * Crayola
Science News for Kids Home Page
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) Home Page