Kevin Kawawata's Japan Trip Report

Sangha Teen Kevin Kawawata spent part of July and August in the city of Mito in Japan. Fellow teens Kevin Maekawa and Stephanie Jitosho (both of whom had also been to Japan) took turns asking the following questions:

How long were you in Japan? 5 weeks.
Who did you travel with? Michell Okamoto (cousin).
How long did it take you to get there? 11 hours.
Did you make any new friends? No.
Did you speak any Japanese? No.
What surprised you the most about Japan? The arcades are better than ours!
Who did you visit? My dad’s brother, sister , and father.
Did you go to Disneyland in Japan? No, but I went to amusement parks.

After the interview, it was obvious that Kevin probably enjoyed drawing about his trip rather than answering the boring questions that Sangha Teens Advisor Mrs. Hata had come up with!