For Their Consideration

By Dean K. Hata

This is a poem Jr. YBA member and UCI student Dean Hata composed and recited at a recent "Tomo no kai" (Japanese Friendship Night) performance.
For their consideration to sacrifice
to give up their freedom
and everything else we consider good in life
So that today we can get an education
and understand and know
the facts about the desecration
that took place about fifty years ago
We're so concerned about money and material things
that most of us have forgotton
that there was a time when our people had nothin
when there were toilets with no doors
and bedrooms with dirt all over the floor.
a place where nothin was clean
where the bedrooms were small
the only entertainment was Time magazine
and a picture up on the wall
They sleep on sacks filled with straw
Had to lower their standards bein' watched through all the holes in the wall
We complain about everything
as if we have nothin
but our grandparents gave up everything
so that we could have somethin
Gave up their college degree putting up minimal fus
did all that for me and all of us
So feel bad when you complain
about havin to shop in the rain
Think they had that
in an internment camp
My grandmother left her house in LA
So that some day I might design one in Marina Del Ray
And drive around in a air condition car
in stead of draggin my feet in the desert of Manzanar
So to show our respect
we have a play on deck
to show that we recognize
all the struggles of your life
to show that we appreciate
our present state
so here it is for all of you to see
as Tomo no Kai presents
Set Adrift the Memory