Current Events at WCBT

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Join us at West Covina's Oldies Dance: March 25, 2017!

"Finding Pure Land in America"

Save the Date! --2017 WCBT REUNION

Kiku Crafts and Food Fair!

Come Feel the Vibe At Oldies LV (55)!

Come Join Us At Oldies Dance LIV (54)!!

Are you ready for Obon? Dance Practice Starts!

Obon Festival Coming!

Come Dance with Me at Oldies 53!!

Buddhism Lecture Series: "Being Buddhist in America"

We Want You@Oldies 52!!

Continue the Fun at Oldies 51!

Buddhism Lecture Series: "Flipping Right Side Up"

Coming Soon! Oldies Dance Five-0!!

Why Zen Buddhists Meditate

Oldies Dance Coming!

Buddhism and Christianity: Our Common Spiritual Quest

Introduction to Buddhism course with Rev. Peter Hata

Farewell Luncheon for Rev. Ken Kawawata

The 48 Vows of the Larger Sutra

Buddhism and Zen Series

2011 Year-End Service

Modern Thinkers of Shin Buddhism Lecture Series

WCBT's 50th Anniversary!

Your Money, Your Children, Your Life: Buddhist Perspectives on Core Issues

Buddhism and Its Relevance to Today's World: Shin Buddhism Engaged

Facing and Resolving Life's Problems Through Buddhism

Year End 2006

From Shakyamuni Buddha to Shinran: An Introduction to Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu

Eitaikyo 2005

Year End 2004

Obon 2004 Highlights

Covina Villa Retirement Home Visitation 2004

Hanamatsuri 2003

Covina Villa Visitation

Year End 2002

Ho-on-ko 2002

Obon 2002 Pics

Hanamatsuri 2002

Covina Villa Retirement Home Visitation/2002

Halloween 2001



Hanamatsuri 2001

Covina Villa Retirement Home Visitation/2001

Mochitsuki 2000

Year-End 2000 Service and Party

2000 Obon Festival/Day Highlights

2000 Obon/Evening Highlights (Taiko & Bon Odori)

Hanamatsuri 2000

Spring Ohigan 2000

Mochitsuki 99

Halloween Party '99!

"Nembutsu For Dummies"
@ Monrovia Canyon Park

WCBT's 40th Anniversary Party

WCBT Family Retreat
"Buddhism: The Seeker's Path"

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