WCBT's Year End Service '02

Every December, WCBT holds a very popular, special afternoon Year-End Service. At this time, the temple officially thanks its hard-working volunteer staff (teaching & newsletter staff), without which the temple could not function.

WCBT Staff (left to right, front row): Merry Jitosho, Mary Hatakeyama, Diane Hata, Pat Sato, Jeanne Kawawata, Claire Hansen, Miyo Takahashi, Rev. Paul Imahara; (back row) Rev. Ken Kawawata, Richard Kagawa, Claudia Haraguchi, Dick Koga, Ruby Kagawa, Joy Kitaura, Nancy Leong and Peter Hata

Shown above are WCBT's incoming Jr. YBA officers, who were sworn into office by Rev. Kawawata (at right)

The Sangha really enjoyed the presentation of the "Ugly Duckling" by the Dharma School students.

Tiffany Hoang amazed the Sangha with her solo rendition of the "Twelve Days of Christmas" which she sang in its entirety without stumbling once!

The juniors then entertained the Sangha with a funny and educational skit called the "The Slave and the Lion." The slave was played by Brandon Leong (at left with chains) and the lion was played by Michael Shimada (with lion "mane").

One of the best parts of the Year End Service is the delicious Potluck Dinner, which features favorite dishes brought by every member of our Sangha!...and there's always way too many choices to have to make!