Year End '00

Every December, WCBT holds a very popular, special afternoon Year-End Service. At this time, the temple officially thanks its hard-working volunteer staff (teaching & newsletter staff), without which the temple could not function.

WCBT Staff (left to right, front row): Joanie Martinez, Merry Jitosho, Nancy Leong, Diane Hata, Jeanne Kawawata, Pat Sato, Ruby Kagawa, Mary Hatakeyama; (back row) Glenn Nakatani, Peter Hata, Dick Koga, Johnny Martinez, Claudia Haraguchi, Claire Hansen, Hisako Koga

The Year-End also features entertainment put on by the youth groups and individuals. Here, Dharma Schoolers sing and illustrate the song "Buddha Loves You."

Jamie Nakatani perfomed a nice version of "Colors of the Wind"

Mr. Fukuji Tanji, with his daughter-in-law Merry Jitosho on keyboard and granddaughter Stephanie on flute, sang a gatha "Megumi."

The Sangha Teens then put on an impressive Buddhist version of the "Wheel of Fortune" game show, called, not surprisingly, "Wheel of Dharma."

Here, contestants Amy Sakaue (l) and Joanie Martinez try to guess the phrase. Amy won by recognizing "Buddham Saranam Ghachami" (the Three Treasures).

Next, young Ricky Leong gave an awesome demonstration of a martial arts "kata" (like an intense practice routine).

Then the Lotus Band took the stage...Here, band members Kevin Hata (guitar), Amy Sakaue (alto sax) and Kyle Kagawa (guitar) perfom "Dream of the Sirens," a song by jazz-fusion group The Rippingtons.

Lotus also premiered a new song, "Time of Your Life," a great song by Greenday with a very Buddhistic message. Kevin, Kyle and Amy were joined by, (center front) Lotus' singer Allison Haraguchi, (center back) Kiyoshi Earley on taiko, and (left front) Brandon Leong on keyboard