WCBT's 40th Anniversary Party!

WCBT members celebrated their temple's 40th anniversary on October 10, 1999. It was a very moving event, with a special award of recognition and thanks given to temple founders Kim and Mary Hatakeyama, who got the temple going way back in 1959.

WCBT's main hall was full at the 40th Anniversary

Some late-comers even had to stand in the back!

The service began with a special Sutra Chant led by the 4 ministers present. These chants are the actual teachings of the Buddha.

Rev. Koyo Yuki, representing the entire North American District of our Higashi Honganji sect, read a special congratulatory message from our Japan Headquarters

Rinban ("head minister") Nori Ito gave a wonderful talk which both highlighted the achievements of WCBT's 40 year history and challenged its members to constantly discover anew the meaning of the Buddhist teachings in a personal way, and to find new ways to share the Buddhist teachings with others

Glenn Nakatani (l) and Rev. Ken Kawawata (r) present a special award to Mary and Kim Hatakeyama

After the service, particpants enjoyed a great dinner in the gymnasium. Pictured are the Ito Family.

Peter Hata, Rev. Yuki, Joannie Martinez, Rev. Saito and Rev. Ken enjoyed the food and conversation!

After the banquet, we were all treated to a funny "Trivia Game" presented by the Dharma School kids

The Junior YBA pose after their informative skit which illustrated some of the Buddhist teachings, such as "impermanence."

The finale was the melodious singing of the "Four Ministers," who sang favorites like the 50's hit "Sukiyaki."

After the program, everyone got together for a group shot.

*All pics by WCBT member Danny Iwama, except last pic by Revs. Kawawata/Kotani