WCBT's 2000 Spring Ohigan Service

"Ohigan" means "other shore"; it refers to the goal of all Buddhists, which is to attain Enlightenment. At WCBT's Spring Ohigan Service on March 19, 2000, the popular and engaging Rev. Kusala treated us to a very meaningful Dharma talk on the subject of reaching the "other shore." In essence, Rev. Kusala clarified that the key is to see that our daily lives--besides being preoccupied with work, school, family, etc--can also be our practice of Buddhism. Only by integrating the Dharma into our life can we come to realize what it means to, as he put it, "Live in community with others." He himself expressed the deepest understanding when he said, "I can’t turn away from this world because I am this world." For complete coverage of Rev. Kusala's talk, please read Rev. Kusala: "Living In Community With Others."

Rev. Kusala gave a deep, yet very concrete talk on the practice of Buddhism

Rev. Kusala plays a very soulful blues harmonica!

After the service, Rev. Minoura, Peter Hata, Rev. Ama, Rev. Kusala and WCBT's own Rev. Kawawata pose in the main hall