"Nembutsu For Dummies"

On Saturday, October 30, 1999, about 30 members of WCBT enjoyed a spendid day together in the verdant foothills of Monrovia, California. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of the Buddha-Dharma in our everyday lives. For details of the lecture, click here.

Upon arrival, everyone commented that the setting was very scenic and peaceful. The LA County park facility was very well-kept also.

It was nice to just wander along the lovely paths

The retreat began with a short traditional Shin Buddhist service; here, Diane Hata offers incense

The affable Bishop Akinori Imai, also head minister of Berkeley Higashi Honganji, was on hand to welcome participants and to deliver the Japanese talk

Rev. Gyoko Saito of LA Higashi Honganji delivered the English talk

Monrovia Canyon Park has a very nice conference room, which was perfect for our retreat

(l-r) Baby-boomers Ruby Kagawa, Richard and Claudia Haraguchi, Claire Hansen and Pat Sato listen intently to Rev. Saito's talk

The Japanese-speaking group enjoyed the lovely patio area

After the delicious lunch, many scenic highlights, such as this stream, were discovered by hiking and exploring the surrounding area.

Teens Kevin Hata (l) and Brandon Leong enjoy decorating some pumpkins after lunch

Retreat participants at WCBT's 1999 Monrovia Canyon Retreat pose for a group shot