On the day of the Obon, one of the first things to get going is the famous WCBT barbeque chicken (we may be Buddhists, but no, we don't share the recipe!)

Meanwhile, in the Social Hall, the attraction of "big money" brings a steady stream of gamblers into the Bingo game.

Also in the Social Hall are WCBT's famous homemade desserts...ymmm!

Excellent sushi is also available, but be forewarned--come early since it tends to sell out!

Outside in the Game Booth area, an eager crowd of young people gathers to play one of the popular games...can you guess why this is one of the most popular games?
In the air-conditioned gym, there were all sorts of displays, ranging from Japanese dolls...

...a fantastic display of bonsai....

...and ikebana!

There was even an opportunity to play a challenging game of "Go."

Some of the most fascinating demonstrations are those of the martial arts groups such as judo, karate, kendo and naginata.

Also, this year, WCBT was fortunate to have the colorful and unique Okinawan troup, which was very popular with the crowd.

WCBT's own youthful Lotus Band had everyone tapping their feet with dynamic and tight renditions of Buddhistic songs like Green Day's "Time of Your Life," Disney's "Colors of the Wind," and Leann Womack's "I Hope You Dance."

The climax of the gym entertainment are the dynamic drums of the Kishin taiko group.

Then, outside on the parking lot, the lone taiko drummer began beating out his driving rhythms...

And so began another program of "bon odori" dancing, which provides a colorful climax to the Obon Festival. Here, neophyte dancers take their cues from one of WCBT's dance teachers.

The dancing attracts people of all ages, from the young...

To the VERY young

But, regardless of age, at the Obon Festival, the basic idea is for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time!