WCBT Obon Festival 2002!

On the day of the Obon, one of the first things to get going is the famous WCBT barbeque chicken (we may be Buddhists, but no, we don't share the recipe!)

The WCBT BBQ crew always manages to have a good time (though it's pretty hard work)

Obon chairperson Mr. Dick Koga makes sure he has enough propane for the entire day!

Some of WCBT's friendly ladies prepare the barbeque dinners for sale..

Meanwhile, out in the game booth area, Mr. Tor Ormseth (r) gets some young advice on setting up a game.

Can you guess why this is one of the most popular games?

Ms. Laura Miyake (center) not only helped sell the popular WCBT Obon T-shirts, she designed them herself!

WCBT's BrianTakahashi and Mike Shimada recommend the lime snowcone!

One of most popular displays in the gym is the lovely exhibit of Ikebana (flower arranging)

Also popular are the various martial arts demonstrations.

Mr. Roy Takemura (left) poses atop the yagura platform with the lovely contestants of the Annual Miss Nisei Week Beauty Pagent.

The highlight of the Obon is the bon dancing in the evening. Here, Mrs. Mary Hatakeyama, (center, and one of the founders of West Covina Buddhist Temple), leads the crowd of dancers. For many, besides being a lot of fun, the dancing also has a deep Buddhist meaning, which is that we wouldn't be here enjoying this day together if it weren't for our ancestors. Our dancing celebrates their memory.

A taiko drummer pounds his driving beat and keeps all the dancers instep.

Here, Allison (l), Claudia (c) and Erika (r) Haraguchi dance together (by the way, Claudia is Allison and Erika's mom, not their sister!).

This picture shows the bon dancing appeals to people of all ages!

Everyone has fun dancing, regardless of whether they know the particular dance or not!

At the Obon Festival, the basic idea is for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time!