WCBT Obon Festival-Evening Highlights

One of the most popular demonstrations is put on by the West Covina Kendo Dojo.

Another highlight is Kishin Daiko's thunderous and impressive performance.

A great addition to this year's program was West Covina Buddhist Temple's own teen Lotus Band; l-r are Kyle Kagawa, Kevin Hata, Lindsay Ogino, Allison Haraguchi and Amy Sakaue shown backstage just before their performance

The Lotus Band gave an outstanding performance of rock, pop, r&b and jazz tunes, which was all the more amazing considering how young they all are!

Lotus is very lucky to have two highly talented singers in Lindsay(l) and Allison (r)

The highlight of the evening is the Bon Odori Dancing. For many, besides being a lot of fun, the dancing also has a deep Buddhist meaning, which is that we wouldn't be here enjoying this day together if it weren't for our ancestors. Our dancing celebrates their memory, as instructor Mary Hatakeyama demonstrates.

Of course, after their performance in the Lotus Band, singers Lindsay and Allison were only too happy to dance and celebrate as well!

Of course, everyone dances and has a really great time!

In a sense, Obon is all about celebrating the present moment, while at the same time honoring the past and preparing for the future, as WCBT instructor Jennifer Higa does here leading a "train" of future odori instructors