WCBT Obon Festival-Day Highlights

The night before Obon, many food related chores have to be taken care of, such as marinating the chicken as Danny Iwama, Richard Kagawa, Tor Ormseth and Joanie Martinez are doing

Mary Hatakeyama does the unenviable chore of chopping onions!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, howakai members (Japanese-speaking members) prepare the somen

In the gym, Hisako Koga's marvelous Dharma School Display was ready for the crowd

On the day of Obon, the BBQ crew starts early, watching carefully over the teriyaki chicken, a West Covina Buddhist Temple specialty

Obon Chairman Dick Koga demonstrates his wok technique

Meanwhile, out on the parking lot, various game booths were ready for action, such as Dharma School Superintendent Diane Hata and her crew of the Leong, Iwama and Kikunaga families

Here, WCBT's Junior YBA members Kendra Kagawa, Kyle Kagawa, Allison Haraguchi, Kevin Hata and Amy Sakaue staff the soda booth

The Obon is also a time of reestablishing ties, as Joanie Martinez (L) does with her niece, Heather Kitada

On left is former Dharma School Superintendent Rene Kuwahara who posed with former students Dean and Kevin Hata