WCBT Obon Festival-Evening Highlights

The Evening Highlights begin with the Kishin Daiko taiko drum performance. Here a Kishin member gives some tips to a future drummer during the audience participation number

Kishin Daiko members (also WCBT members) Nancy, Ricky and Bob Leong are one family that "drums together"

During Kishin's exciting finale, all members "became one"

The highlight of the evening is the Bon Odori Dancing. For many, besides being a lot of fun, the dancing also has a deep Buddhist meaning, which is that we wouldn't be here enjoying this day together if it weren't for our ancestors. Our dancing celebrates their memory.

You don't have to be an expert to participate, because you can just pick it up by watching expert teachers like Jennifer (l)

Keith Miyake tries to learn a dance by watching the dancer next to him (hmm...maybe the "hand angle" needs a little work?)

Or, you can just try to follow the person in front of you, as (l-r) Emilie Hata, Sandi Maeshiro and Carol Shimizu follow Diane Hata

Mainly, everyone dances and has a great time, from the smallest kids...

...to the "older" folks (oops, we're in trouble with Leslie Ogino and Claudia Haraguchi now)

The "big picture" is that the Bon Odori dancing brings people together--young, old, temple members and members of the community--and everyone has a great time!