WCBT Obon Festival-Day Highlights

As soon as possible, we start the chicken cooking; these chefs slave all day long to create a very tasty bbq chicken teriyaki

Elsewhere outside, "let the games begin"; here a young gamer tries to land the ring on the prize of his choice

At another Dharma School Booth, "Ian" happily shows off his customized new hat

These Hinamatsuri Dolls are a favorite traditional display in the gym

Inside the Social Hall, the Bingo (aka "gambling") calling starts in earnest
Also in the Social Hall, the Dessert Booth was once again well stocked!

WCBT's Obon is also famous for the great handmade sushi

Another fascinating cultural display are these Kimekomi Dolls

Many people enjoy seeing the display of WCBT's Dharma School

The bonsai display was exceptional this year...

as was the Ikebana

A new display this year was the Living Dharma Website Display, which hoped to introduce our visitors to the wonderful Buddhist Teachings