WCBT's Halloween Party '99

WCBT's Halloween Party was a another crazy success...all you have to say here is the word "party" and it's amazing how our members take it to heart! Perhaps this is one of the fringe benefits of being Buddhist? (we stress the word "fringe").

As WCBT's Halloween Party got underway, there was a general hubbub and excitement

We always start with compassionate, Buddhistic games for the kids, like the tried and true "Musical Chairs," where the object is to claim an empty chair when the music stops.

As the number of contestants dwindles, the rules change and the object is then to use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to claim that empty chair!

Then there's the tried and true "TeePee Mummification Contest" (or is it a ritual?)

Of course, our games not only teach compassion, but good eating habits as well, which is why we use only fresh donuts in our extremely popular "Eat the Donut Quickly and Without Chewing if Possible" Game

Those little donuts often prove harder to snag than it was thought. Of course, this is no obstacle for a true donut lover.

Here, mom Nancy Maekawa demonstrates compassion by helping a frustrated contestant grab his donut (we think this is compassion because we don't think that's her son)

And finally, what would a Halloween Party be without a good old-fashioned pie-eating contest? (Rev. Ken would probably say "a lot more pleasant")