WCBT's Halloween Party '01

At WCBT's Halloween 2001, there were the usual witches, princesses and superheroes, but also a few more unusual costumes as well. Participants had lots of fun with a variety of games, thanks to our teen Jr. YBA members who put on a great party!

As WCBT's Halloween Party got underway, the Kawaguchi boys arrived in costume (note the nice touch of the milk bottle "accessory" with the bovine costume!)

Laura Miyake's Statue of Liberty costume received rave reviews.

Jr. YBA member Lauren Miyake helps get the "Pin the Tail" game underway.

Kyle Kagawa holds the pumpkin "target" (is the hair real?...only his hairdresser knows for sure...)

What would a Halloween party be without the time-honored Buddhistic game of "Musical Chairs?" (actually, all the contestants end up winning some candy)

Cora Ormseth demonstrates classic donut-eating technique in the donut-eating contest.

Amy Sakaue and Lindsay Ogino demonstrate the advanced donut-eating techniques necessary when the donuts are moving!

Here's a group shot of all costumed participants at WCBT's 2001 Halloween Party. Thanks to our Jr. YBA for another great party!