WCBT's Eitaikyo '05

The annual Eitaikyo Service, held on January 23, 2005, honors all our temple members who have passed away. Without their support over the years, the temple would not exist. This year, a special Kikyoshiki Ceremony was also performed for three WCBT members. The ceremony marks a member's symbolic but serious committment to listen to the teachings of the Dharma.

The Kikyoshiki Ceremony began with Chairperson Roy Takemura introducing the participants (seated in the chairs facing the altar).

During the actual ceremony, Rev. Kawawata (standing) performs the symbolic shaving of the head on participants (left to right) Claudia Haraguchi, Richard Haraguchi and Joanne Ishibashi Jung.

After the meaningful ceremony, Joanne, Claudia and Richard pose with Sensei.

In addition to the Kikyoshiki Ceremony, the Eitaikyo Service always includes the annual installation of the incoming Board of Directors. New President for 2005 is Mr. Johnny Martinez (3rd from left in front row).